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Nayara y Luis


We are located in Los Llanos de Aridane in the institute IES José María Pérez Pulido

Photos of our institute

We want to show you where we practice our classes including you IT departament

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And our cycle called microcomputers systems and networks that is part of the IT departament

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Project report

Our Futor project consists of creating a hiking route through the volcano flows until reaching the lava delta, where two viewpoints will be made.

Next we will make a descent with a zipline and a rappelling area so that the tourists and residents can enjoy the new beaches created by the fajana without need to access by sea.

And we will also provide the bus service to take people to the point of origin, offering several alternative stops


There will be two trails, one that leaves from Tajogaite where the volcano is, descending through the lava flows to the fajana where the viewpoints with said activities will be. It will also have a parking area upstairs in Tajogaite where the exit starts where when you return you can walk or take the bus line, and another parking lot in La Costa next to the Rappel viewpoint, where you have two options to return either with the bus line bus or going up the zip line.

And the distance from the volcano to the viewpoints is almost 5 km.


Our idea with El Rápel, is that in the descent of the volcano flows, there is a
point where the lava flow ran down the coast, leaving a slope on one side of the
laundry, where the activity could be done…
To practice this sport we will provide the materials required for
such sport as harness, rope, carabiners, machard, descender and webbing ring
They can carry a small backpack with the necessary things


Another option to go down to the fajana that is not rappelling is a zip line so that the tourists and local people have fun while they are on their way to bathe in the new beaches of our beautiful island.
For this activity we give people what they need to practice it safely.
The harness, the connecting cables, the helmet, gloves and vest.
They can carry a small backpack with the necessary things


We will have a starting point next to the delta that will go along the road to Puerto Naos. Once you arrive at the crossroads that gives entrance to Puerto Naos there will be two routes, one directed towards Fuencaliente passing through El Remo and the other municipalities that get in the way. The other route is towards Los Llanos de Aridane, which will have to cross the lava flows with the new road, where we will leave the central bus station of Los Llanos de Aridane so that it serves as an interconnection with other passages to different points of the islands

Before The Volcano

As can be seen in the image, you can see the different neighborhoods and municipalities of El Valle Aridane: Argual, Los Barros, Los Llanos, El Retamar, La Montaña Tenisca, Triana, Tajuya, La Laguna, Todoque, Las Manchas and Puertos Naos .


The La Palma volcano erupted on September 19, lasting 85 days and taking 1,676 buildings, also destroying and affecting 1,073 hectares where bushels of bananas were planted and which is the main crop we live on here on the island.


El Valle de Aridane is made up of several municipalities and areas of which some are no longer such as Todoque, Partially Las Manchas and La Laguna, the area of ​​the Coast, El Pampillo, El Paraiso.

Also leaving ghost towns like Puerto Naos and La Bombilla due to the gas leak generated by the volcano and which are very dangerous

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