June 1, 2021

Between June and October 2021 FUTOR welcomes all those who would like to join us and create conditions for our young people to do better than the previous generations when it comes using one’s creativity and critical thinking skills to prevent and/or resolve environmental issues. To participate in this first two year edition of FUTOR you need to be between 13 and 18 years old and live in the Azores, the Canary Islands or the island of La Réunion. Alternatively, you should be a teacher who works with this age group in one of the above locations. You need some end user (basic) computer skills, B1 (lower-intermediate) proficiency in English and an interest in the Environment. Participation is completely free, all you need to invest is your time! Both students and teachers will likely learn a great deal of new skills and, importantly, have fun along the way. The program offers continuous online support to participants and excellent opportunities for international collaboration with peers. The skills student learn will certainly improve their academic standing in subjects such as Computer Literacy, English, Arts and Science. It also offer a fantastic opportunity to enhance teachers’ (and students’) CVs. Please click on the link below to email the project coordinator for more information.